Friday, August 29, 2008

LET "E" RUN...

This blog is dedicated to all the kids in high school who have a desire to run but are unable to due to one coach at one high school with entirely too much power to decide whether someone can run for their school. LET ME RUN...not because I believe I'm faster than another or because I think it's fun. Not because it's easy for me or because I've been running for several years. Not because I'm a boy or a girl. Not because I missed a practice or because it comes easy to some rather than others. Not because I run like everyone else or because I have goals. LET ME RUN... simply because it's a passion and passions cannot be stopped. Passions, true passions are what keeps each of us going from day to day. So, to this coach I say LET ME RUN...

Eriks Story

My name is Erik Peterson, I’ve been running since I was 8 years old.
I’ve been a member of the Bingham High School cross country team for 3 years. Recently I sustained an injury to both my legs known as popliteal artery entrapment syndrome, keeping me from getting proper blood flow to my legs. I underwent two successful surgeries, was fully rehabilitated, and started running again for Bingham track and field. I competed in state in the Open 400, Open 800, Medley 800 and anchored the 4x400. During the this competition I developed complications with the scar tissue on my legs, and had to receive physical therapy to correct the problem. I completed the therapy with no complications, and received a full excusal from my therapist clearing me to begin running full time, looking forward to building my college track resume in hopes to run for Southern Utah University.
As the beginning of this years cross country season loomed, I was still involved in my physical rehabilitation. This kept me from training with the team full-time during the summer. Now the director of the cross country program at Bingham, Coach Arbogast, is trying to prevent me from training or competing the the team in any way. Coach Arbogasts justification for this is his fear that I am not healthy enough for competitive running, and he believes that I will sustain further injuries if he were to allow me to run. However, my surgeon and physical therapist have released me to run with no limitation whatsoever, and I believe that the decision regarding the risk of running should be mine. Please join me in fighting for the rights of myself and many other athletes who have been cut from the team for similarly strict reasons, and restore the equality and sportsmanship that running stands for.
If you would like to join our cause, please take time to send a simple message of support to Coach Arbogast: “Let E Run.” You can contact Coach Arbogast at
Thank you for reading, your support and your love of the sport.

Erik Peterson


The doctors letter clearing Erik to run.